Swim Trials

*New date! Open Water Swim Trial, 1st September 2019
(Important – Please read carefully)
An alternative date due to the change in the event date will be arrange for those that are unable to make it for the 1st of September date. Stay tuned for updates.

Time: 8am to 9.30am

Venue: Beachfront, East Coast Park Area F2

Swim Trial Focus/Objective:

To ensure that participants wishing to take part in the Singapore Aquathlon are able to demonstrate a level of competency to complete the swim course of their chosen race.

  • The swim trial is compulsory for all participants who have never swam in the open water. For relay teams, if the swimmer has never swam in the open water they must complete the swim trials.
  • There will be no more pool trials for this year; only open water swim trials. Participants must be able to complete their race distance in the open water to be able to qualify for the race.
  • Expert coaching advice, careful supervision as well as strict safety measures will be in place at the trials. A non-refundable admin fee of S$10 for each open water swim trial will be charged to the participant.
  • If you book a test and do not turn up, you will not be allowed to race.
  • The participants have to complete the Swim Trials Session according to the criteria:
  1. Kids Distance: To swim 200m within 8 minutes
  2. Youth and Mini Distance: To swim 400m within 15 minutes
  3. Sprint and Junior Distance: To swim 600m within 30 minutes
  4. Standard Distance: To swim 1200m within 50 minutes

How to register for the Swim Trial:

  • If you have yet to register for the event, please select “Swim Trial” under the merchandise page during registration.
  • If you have registered or missed out the Swim Trial during registration, please drop us an email!


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