Official Cream of the Singapore Aquathlon

Flexpower’s Clean Scented Recovery Cream delivers warm, penetrating relief directly to the source of pain. Our ingredients penetrate deeply and provide gradual heat to soothe muscle and joint pain, arthritis, tendonitis and nagging injuries.

Flexpower recovery cream is used not only by world-class athletes in pro-teams including USA NBA, MLB, NFL and Korea representative athletes, KLPGA but also by senior people who has many pain caused by joint inflammation.

No more lingering Odors and sticky gels.

Flexpower’s scent smells like you just stepped out from shower so nobody even knows you have it on.

It’s luxurious cream base rubs on like lotion and won’t stain on your clothes and sheets.

Flexpower was made for everyday use to support your hard work.

Flexpower is the solution for anybody seeking for pain relief.




Compressport TRI-Factor Run & Run-Swim

28 June 2020

TRI-FACTOR Singapore Triathlon

2 August 2020

Singapore International Triathlon

27 September 2020